Readout of Secretary Mattis’ Call with Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani

Pentagon Spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis provided the following readout:

Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis spoke today by telephone with President Ashraf Ghani of Afghanistan to discuss the enduring U.S.-Afghan security relationship.  Secretary Mattis thanked President Ghani for his leadership and emphasized the importance of the government of national unity to the stability of Afghanistan.  President Ghani affirmed his commitment to reforms, especially eliminating corruption, and highlighted the importance of a sustained U.S.-Afghan relationship for the security of Afghanistan and the region.  In light of the recent attacks, including today’s attack against the Afghan Supreme Court, Secretary Mattis offered his condolences for the sacrifices of the Afghan people and commended President Ghani’s unwavering commitment in the face of the enemy. Both Secretary Mattis and President Ghani expressed their desire to maintain a strong relationship, and look forward to engaging again in the near future.

Release No: NR-048-17
Feb. 7, 2017


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