Defense Department Announces Professionalism Summit

Defense Department Announces Professionalism Summit

The Department of Defense announced today that the inaugural DoD Professionalism Summit will be hosted at the United States Air Force Academy Feb. 22-24.

The summit is an initiative of the office of the Senior Advisor for Military Professionalism and will bring together the professionalism “Centers of Excellence” from across the military services for in-depth sessions focused on collaboration and sharing of best practices, common issues and lessons learned with respect to transparent and accountable leadership.

“Each service has their unique traditions, culture and heritage,” said Rear Adm. Margaret Klein, the DoD Senior Advisor for Military Professionalism, “but we all share the beliefs that culture is a driver of combat efficiency and that trust is a force multiplier which affects our ability to innovate. The right answers will be a little bit different for each service based on their heritage, but I can’t overstate the positive impact of fostering cross-service conversations.”

The summits are anticipated to occur annually in the future, hosted by a different military service each year.

Release No: NR-055-16
February 16, 2016


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