Statement by Secretary of Defense Ash Carter on New Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

I welcome President Obama’s decision to nominate Marine Corps Gen. Joseph Dunford to serve as the 19th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Air Force Gen. Paul Selva to serve as the 10th Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Gen. Dunford has been an infantry officer at every level, and Gen. Selva has been an innovator throughout his career. They’re exemplary leaders. And they both have the strategic perspective – and operational experience – to help guide our military and advise the president at a time of much change in the world. I look forward to their sound counsel and to working with them to protect the country and meet the needs of the finest fighting force the world has ever known.

While there will be a time in the future for proper tributes, I also applaud the careers of our current chairman and vice chairman, Gen. Martin Dempsey and Adm. James Winnefeld. I thank them both for their steady leadership in these challenging times, their advice to me and President Obama, and their many years of dedicated service to our country.

Release No: NR-158-15
May 05, 2015


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